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Fret not; AppLock & Gallery Vault does everything you could want and then some. You can lock down any application on your smart phone in a matter of seconds. In addition, it safeguards your personal photos and videos using fast encryption techniques. 

Its secure interface lets you view your sensitive photos and videos within a secure environment. In addition, you can easily backup all your locked photos and videos to your Dropbox account, in a nutshell;  it’s all you need to safeguard your privacy on your smartphone with smart security features. App Lock Download Free For Android is available on Aptaps.in.


• Three security credentials
You can either set up a strong password, a unique PIN or a complex pattern to keep your privacy intact.

• Lock down all apps
Lock down your system apps like Gallery, Messages, Contacts, Gmail, Playstore and etc. Furthermore, it can also lock your downloaded apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and others.

• Protect private photos
Password-protect your personal photos using fast encryption techniques, you can either import them from the gallery and SD card. Moreover, you can take pictures directly from the camera or download images from the secure browser from within the app’s interface.

• Hide sensitive videos
Lock and hide your precious videos by importing them from the gallery and the SD card. The app has a built-in camera and secure browser, from where you can make or download videos and secure them.

• Data Recovery
You can easily recover your data that you have previously deleted from App Lock & Gallery Vault.

• Fast encryption and decryption
You can ensure the privacy of your confidential photos and videos with fast encryption techniques.

• Backup locked photos and videos to Dropbox account
You do not have to worry about losing your precious photos and videos as you can conveniently back them up on Dropbox.




• Stealth Mode (Hide icon)
Hide the app’s icon, thus, no one will have any idea that you are using an app to protect your photos and videos.

• Decoy Mode (fake user)
Make a fake login, it is very useful for situations, where you have to disclose your passcode to someone.

• Panic Switch (Shake, Flick or Place your palm on the screen)
Switch to another app immediately with just a shake, flick or placing the palm of your hand on the screen.

• Secure Browser
You can download pictures and videos from within the app’s interface, your privacy will not be compromised for a fraction of a second.

• Takes images on unauthorized login attempts
When someone tries to access your personal stuff, the app captures an image of that person and records the wrong password and the time when he entered it.


• Slideshow support
• Time scale view of the secured photos & videos
• Built-in video player
• Multiple unhide, import and move options
• Create personalized albums 
• Organize photos and videos in multiple albums
• Multiple beautiful themes
• Import from the gallery
• Capture photos & videos from camera
• Download photos & videos from Secure Browser


Note: AppLock & Gallery Vault guarantees you that all your files are stored only in your phone and we do not have access to any of your content.

  1. Slideshow support
  2. Time scale view of the secured photos & videos
  3. Built-in video player
  4. Multiple unhide, import and move options


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