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Download APK Installer for Android as it is one of the best app manager available in the Android market that too without any ads. The software allows for the batch installation of APK files from SD card and also the internal storage. The same app is also for PCs which offers to install APK files from Windows Vista, XP, 7 & 8. The software application is fitted with an intuitive interface which makes its usage simple and convenient.


The app uninstaller is also available which helps to uninstall all the unnecessary apps from the device or the system that too all at once.
Download APK Installer for Android as it lessens all your efforts required to install the important files or uninstall the junk files. The app is also enriched with Backup feature as it lets to have an batch export where all the APK files gets restored into the SD card. It is an ultimate app which even allows its sharing with friends without putting any large efforts.

Download APK Installer for Android as it is not just an installer app but it performs multiple tasks and one of them is it provides security to system from all the latest threats. The app helps to clean the cache memory very easily just with a single tap. It even allows the user to have a look at the apps name, location and the date of installation. It even lets to transfer apps to SD card and offers ADB debugging using USB switch.

Free to use, so download APK Installer for Android which is an amazing file app that performs several tasks very easily.

Download APK Installer for Android as it is compatible with almost all the Android versions.

1. Easy to use
2. Multi-tasking
3. Highly secure



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