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Less than 5 MB, this free internet explorer browser provides a large number of useful features and add-ons, Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode, Incognito Mode, No Image Mode, etc. It makes APUS Browser the best free, full-featured, private browser for Android.

With the browser accelerator, this pro browser can speed up loading speed by more than 60% and save data by 20%.

Key Features

• Boosted Speed - Faster browsing speed and no more waiting
• Fast Download - Gif & video super-fast & smart download
• Automatic Protection - Protect your phone with URL safety checking
• Incognito Browsing - Browsing without leaving any history, cookies and etc.
• Lite APK - Tiny size with large content
• Multi-Tab Manager - You can easily navigate several sites in different tabs at the same time
• More to explore - TELL US WHAT YOU WANT

Learn more about APUS Browser

► Boosted Speed
This fast browser can smartly predict your browsing needs and accelerate page loading speed, giving you the most fluent and intuitive browsing experience for Android phone and tablet. And this Internet browser compresses data to save precious MBs and speed up navigation for you. The browser can be even faster in Speed Mode and No Image Mode.

► Fast Download
Speedy and stabilize download are realized in APUS Browser. You can manager all of your downloads (documents, APKs, videos, pics, etc.) in the browser.

► Automatic Protection
It keeps your phone safe by showing warnings to you when you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.

► Incognito Browsing
Without leaving any history, cookies traces, cache, etc., Incognito Mode makes the browser perfectly private and secret.

► Multi-Tab Manager & Desktop Site Mode
This web browser allows users to switch between tabs and browse website in PC browser & mobile browser mode.

► Fast search (comes with in-page search)
This browser app provides powerful search engine list. Even better, the in-page search helps you find whatever you need within website pages.

  1. Boosted Speed
  2.  Fast Download
  3.  Automatic Protection



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