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uTorrent is a BitTorrent client by BitTorrent,Inc.It was released on 18 September,2005.It is available in 67 languages. It is fast, lightweight, easily available, easy to use, efficient etc.Any kind of file can be downloaded required you have the correct torrent file. This makes of the most popular BitTorrent Client. uTorrent (version 3 & above)lets you stream media as you download it.


The features provided by uTorrent puts it at a higher rank than others. It contains everything to make it reliable for downloading torrents:

1.Support for RSS feeds

2.Detailed Stats Information

3.Auto shutdown after download get’s completed

4.Download Scheduler

5.Bandwidth enhancer ETC

Though some feature’s like a complete torrent searcher, preview functionality etc are still missing.


uTorrent also provides some Ad-on extentions for web browsers.It has its own simple speed test function, takes a very minimal space on your hard drive and PC resources, provides a function of putting a simple bar on the top of your screen so that you can track the download without opening uTorrent application again and again. Once a download gets completed a small pop-up also comes on your screen on task bar acknowledging that the file has been downloaded.


Wanna download Files Easily with a fast reliable and freely available Torrent client

uTorrent is all that you need.

1.Support for RSS feeds

2.Detailed Stats Information



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