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RPG games are always interesting and exciting as you would be the one directly indulged into the play. This game here, which falls from the backdrop of a lost Empire following the demise of the Emperor. There has been chaos all around with monsters taking the whip and the Lords disturbing the peace in the name of the quest. Amidst this story context, there arises a necessity, for someone to throng into action and settle them all.


This is where you step in! The Hero! The game is in your hands as your decisions are vital to winning this battle mentally and physically. You will have to pierce the terrifying monsters and miscreants as enemies and Kings. You are on the way to create a name for yourself and making the foe to be at your foot.  



  • You could invite and play against your friends.
  • If you don't like the present kingdom, you can switch to other.

  1. «  Extremely addictive.
  2. «  Packs are affordable to purchase.
  3. «  Impressive graphics.


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