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The Official Sequel Comes to Mobile

Join your friends in a brand new gather and slay action packed real time strategy RPG with captivating Storyline and explosive PVP actions, GrandChase – Dimensional Chaser! Choose your favorites among more than 70 unique heroes and build the perfect team with your fellow Chasers! Instant matchmaking, exhilarating solo and team battles, upgrade and customize amazing heroes, all the fun of the free to play online pc game, GrandChase which was enjoyed by 20 million users around the world, now it’s in the palm of your hand! Feed your competitive spirit! Anytime! Anywhere!

Grand Chase – Dimensional Chaser, 2018’s brand new role-playing game masterpiece. Shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and be the wisest strategic Player!

Download now and start your adventure using your phone!

1. Stunning RPG Maps, PvP Battles and Storyline

Step into the very beautiful and captivating Dimension of the Grand Chase. Enjoy its high-quality graphics, infinite in-game actions and breathtaking story line. A triumphant return to genuine strategy RPG gameplay. 

2. Win with Teamwork & Strategy

Choose from Tanks, Mages, Assaults, Rangers and Supports, to anchor your team and win Strategic battles. Form 1 team with 4 different characters and battles against real opponents. Get ready to fight tough enemies!

3. Fair Fights to Victory 

Grand Chase the new Role Playing Game, holds its own for beautifully integrated storyline mixed with strategy based battles. Winning a war based on your strategy, therefore you don't need to spend money to become the greatest player. Winners and losers are decided based on skill and ability on this fair and balanced platform for competitive gaming. Play to Win, not Pay to Win.

4. Simple Controls, Easy to Master 

Just Tap & Drag! Command your party with easy to use controls, 2 fingers are all you need to become a master! Auto Skill and Auto Move are there to assist but do not guarantee a win as success is determined by the player's strategy and not by relying solely on these functions. Easy gameplay system lets you focus on the thrill of battle!

5. Your decision changes the flow of battle

Whether it’s skill timing, chains, targets or directions, YOU control the flow of battle!

6. Instant Matchmaking! Different Modes! Different Play!

Upgrade, evolve, prestige, and awaken! Assemble your party of 4 for different modes and contents. Apply the best strategy to win the fight!

7. Gather and Slay! Collect Countless unique Heroes

All new characters have been added along with the original cast from GrandChase with up to 70 different heroes. Experience real action on mobile. Feel the satisfaction of gathering more than 100 monsters and then slaying them all at once.

You can mix and match to assemble your own unique team! Like classic RPG games, GrandChase provides a very satisfying Role Playing Game experience by giving diverse pool of heroes to choose from with new heroes still constantly being released! 

8. Enjoyed by 20 million people, the king of RPG has returned!

The great chase to pursue Kaze’aze across dimensions begins yet again.
This is the official sequel to the free to play online pc game, GrandChase which was enjoyed by 20 million users around the world! 

  1. Stunning RPG Maps, PvP Battles and Storyline
  2. Win with Teamwork & Strategy
  3. Fair Fights to Victory.

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