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Motorcycles do fascinate everyone in this world and riding freely is a boon in disguise. Games bring you that freedom and this game is a big leap to it. Though the vehicle is a chassis on a pair of tires, yet many people wouldn't stop from exploring all the motorcycles. To all those racing enthusiasts, this is the game, you shall be looking for!


Pull up your helmet, wear a jacket and held your head high for an action racing game with a whole new level of graphics. A game developed by the same team for Racing Fever, Racing Fever: Moto is a unique definition to the art of blending fun and excitement while your adrenaline gushes out passionately. Discover the racing lanes using the countless variants of motorbikes and keep racing while you get stunned by the graphic composition.



• View your racing through four different camera angles.

• Four unique control options.

• Motorcycles are all realistic in look.

• Involves groups, gang maintenance and fulfilling leader roles.

  1. Greater and smoother control. 
  2. Rich Graphics


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