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Now, time has come to become a police car racer and destroy all enemies. Let's download Police Car Racer 3D for Android and get in your car and shoot all them. The city streets heat up as you are in hot chasing of the most wanted auto thefts. This is cops and rubbers to the max with daredevil moves and exhilarating rush hour racing. It is the right time to test your skills in this arcade game.


Just download Police Car Racer 3D for Android, police cars are specially designed to pursuit auto criminals, and to get fast to the place of the crime. So, take a part in this crazy police race and win new cars, as well as upgrade them to be first at the finish. 6 weapons and 5 police cars will let you get bored in this amazing game.


Get ready to download Police Car Racer 3D for Android because this game comes with nice 3D graphics. In addition, the sounds and effects are amazing that enhance your gaming experience. Moreover, this game provides two game mode i.e. day and night mode. Simply, earn points and buy faster cars and weapons to destroy enemies.


Just download Police Car Racer 3D for Android, this arcade game comes with cool graphics and effects and offers an amazing gameplay.

  1. 3D graphics
  2. Easy to play
  3. Good control on response
  4. Nice effects


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