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Want to become the king of the mountain? If yes, then you must play Arctic Cat® Snowmobile Racing. Arctic Cat® Snowmobile Racing permits all players to go on an endless journey of snowmobile racing. Through endless scenic winter ambiences, travel as far and fast as probable for you. Clear the gaps of the mountains, and win the pound through powder, maneuver moguls, and especially the hills. If you want to catch the big air as well as pull off the sick tricks, then go on to upgrade the real Arctic Cat sleds. Let your inner cat loose with adjustable characters as well as the sled skins.


The features of this epic snowmobile racing game, Arctic Cat® Snowmobile Racing are as follows:

1. You will be challenged with unending Rider with various environments.

2. You will be riding very fast by the easy controls.

3. Experience riding of real Arctic Cat sleds.

4. Rare trick system for pulling off big air and in fact bigger rewards.

5. Dozens of sled skins and characters are there for collecting and showing off your styles.

6. Modifying skins for making your Arctic Cat sleds stand out.

7. Via EveryPlay, do share your tricks and best rides experiences with your friends.


Arctic Cat® Snowmobile Racing game is compatible with the Android devices running 4.0+, iPod touch 5, iPad Mini 1+, iPad 2+ and iPhone 4S+. The performance of Arctic Cat® Snowmobile Racing app will differ on earlier operating systems and devices.

1. Best snowmobile game

2. A lot of fun and addictive

3. Perfect sound and graphics quality



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