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Ocean Blast is a puzzle game app that matches 3 strategic elements locate in an animated underwater territory. In this each level provides the player a number of ways to hold a particular number and variety of Fishes. When you start to play the game it is so easy, but when you entered into deep for searching the fish, which is most difficult to catch.


In addition, you’ll require to a plan in front of rally the objective ahead of your given number of move for running out them. By using a line, simply match 3 same elements or other fishes by pulling your finger over them. With a single turn, you can make a longer line that catches Flashy Fishes of bonus and earn lots of points.


In the game, every fresh level provides you a puzzle to resolve them, through an exclusive hexagonal panel and a deep sea obstructions attaching plan to the similar enjoyment. Just evaluate how to remove coral, get up hidden turtles, as well as nets from free fishes. After getting stuck, fishhooks, tridents like boosters, magic potions, as well as cross rockets, which help you to grasp the fishes that are needed when you move from run out.


Overall, download Ocean Blast for Android is free to play charming game that will make the smile on every saltiest fisherman.

  1. Match 3 lines or more fishes
  2. Selects longer lines to generate Flashy Fishes
  3. 100 levels
  4. Synchronized with Facebook


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