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We carefully designed a fresh modern look for 2018, woven into the wonderful classic feel that everyone loves.

Solitaire 2018 is available for all Android smartphone and tablet devices. This is the Solitaire card game for everyone!

You can also have the challenge with Solitaire arcade play mode and go from easy Draw 1 up to Draw 2 or 3 games depend on your levels (from low to high levels).

♦ You can use hints, undo and especially shuffle feature to support your experience when playing.
♦ Depend on your scores (stars), you will get the gifts to increase numbers of the features.
Solitaire 2018 is completely Free! Download it now, relax and have fun with the best Solitaire experience!
Are you a big fan of Solitaire games? So don’t worry about anything, just play and play for fun.


  1.  Feature to UNDO moves.
  2. Smart HINTS show potentially useful moves.
  3. An amazing new feature “SHUFFLE”.
  4. Standard or Vegas scoring.
  5. Left or right handed support.
  6. Portrait and Landscape screen.
  7. Winning animations.


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