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Discover the secrets of farming through this interesting game that was developed ideally for you only. In the game of Harvest Land, you work everything from scratch. You are bound to set up and establish a village. This involves building houses, own few animals and tame them. These include animals like cows, chicken and pigs. You shall also explore the beautiful hidden mysteries present in the land you reside in! You are the hero of the game and therefore it is fully your responsibility to develop the village.


You can exchange or do trade with your friends who play this game and being a warrior yourself, you might have to fight with the powerful monsters with various strategies and techniques. Flourish your village with wide variety of crops. Finally, the overall progress must show a positive sign and you are up for this challenge.



• Grow unique and different crops like wheat and grapes.

• Fight with the monsters on the island.

• Raise the village to gain prosperity.

• Trading with friends online.

  1. Mind blowing graphics. 
  2. Addictive game. 
  3. It needs creativity and strategic thoughts.


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