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If you find magic easy and you think that the things which are seen at night only, should be seen at day too, then you are most welcome to Ghost Town. This wonderful sorcery game by Webgames Limited is full of magic and amazing events.


If you love to know about ghosts, especially the good ghosts, then you are perfect to visit the Ghost Town. The game gives you the flavor of an adventurous event with souls, spirits, specters and apparitions and all other unwilling forces.


If you start to play this game, you will need to win hundreds of challenges against the evils together with the sorceress. While playing the Ghost Town Adventures, you are the warship hero of the game.


The features of Ghost Town Adventures are as follows:


Wonderful, avant-garde graphics for impressing even the most challenging of players!

All types of ghosts: spirits, souls, specters, apparitions, whatever you name them.

Twenty ghostly areas and all are filled with the twilight of magic.

Hundreds of challenges will test you to your limits and then satisfy you by overcoming the challenges.

Enough enemies – the most outrageous and villainous types you have ever challenged against. You need to have the guts for braving the twilight and provide them what for along with the sorceress.

Over 30 exclusive characters are there and all with personalities of their own.

Mixing action-driven dialogue is now poignant, witty and really believable that you will not believe it.

A fast-moving fantasy of a story arc with amazingly unpredictable plot twists will really take your breath away.

1. An Addictive game to play

2. Fun, exciting and creative game



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