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Card Crawl is an amazing single player board game app features with lots of various genres to make something new which is nice and enjoyable. To win the game, clear its cell of 54 cards through the various slaying monsters, items cards and controlling your limited records. For each run, it gives you the ability of the 5 cards that provides you different skills for playing.


After collecting lots of gold, at first you can unlock 10 ability cards that allow you get better highscores and new tactics. After purchasing the full game, the player can unlock 20 extra cards with best abilities. Its modes can be improved through Google Play services to associate decks and compare scores which is made by every player.


Furthermore, the game can be played across 2 or 3 minutes and you can take the experience one more game while waiting in commuting or line. This amazing game is freely available for try, and its free version contains 10 cards with abilities, highscores service of the Google Play, and the Normal mode for playing game. If you want to access all the advanced modes and features of Card Crawls, firstly unlock the game by purchasing it for one time.


Overall, download Card Crawl for Android, which is a solitaire way cell Crawler game played using the normal cards of a customized deck.

  1. Solitaire style game
  2. 4 modes gameplay
  3. Unlockable 25 ability-cards
  4. Google Play services
  5. Typically 2-3mins playtime


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Arnold Rauers

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