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Still away from Subway Surfers? If so, then why to be late, download Subway Surfers for Android- an interesting game play where you have to hide from angry railway inspector. He is angry because of spraying graffiti on station and spreading pollution.


Subway Surfers is an action and running game which is very similar to Temple Run, here you have to hide yourself from angry railway inspector and his dog over the railway platform, with trains passing by at full speed. This is a very enjoyable game with an easy and addictive mechanic. You can spend hours of time period on the screen while trying to best the records of your friends, which is checked by you over the internet.


While running from inspector, you pulled down all the tracks comes in your way. Download Subway Surfers for Android and dart up screen by avoiding all the obstacles along with your path. Jump over trains, carts and buffers and hide from inspector.


Download Subway Surfers for Android and challenge your FB friends. While running from cop, you also need to collect some special which helps you in future such as coin magnets, the paint powered jet packs plus hover boards. The power-ups you collect, adds more relevancy in game.


Download Subway Surfers for Android with cool and HD graphics, lightening acrobatics, hover board surfing, and many more. The game is similar to Temple Run with lots of fun, enjoyment and humor reworking with same format. Overall, it's the game similar to Temple run with different themes.


Download Subway Surfers for Android, an addictive gameplay suits for every age limits

1. Funny enjoyable gameplay
2. Cool 3D graphics
3. Easy to play



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