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Download Talking Tom Cat for Android as it is an engaging family game where a cat entertains all the people around by repeating the words said by anyone of them in humorous way which make others laugh. The cat makes each & every moment highly enjoyable which can also be recorded in videos to share online. It shows immediate reaction whenever anyone pokes, teases or tickles at her.


It is somewhat very similar to other talking products of Outfit 7 as it repeats the words in distinct funny styles. There are several tasks to be done like give shower, dry her hair, brush teeth and many more that too with cute, creative and hilarious animations. Download Talking Tom Cat for Android as it is best possible way to entertain the kids at home itself.


The game also provides the feature of setting time for different tasks which is to be performed and in how much time that all is to be done. Furthermore, the child mode is fitted in game to keep video creation out of reach and evade accessing of unnecessary purchases in game while the kids are playing the game. Additionally, child mode can also be switched on or off along with that some eye-catching puzzle images are also available.


Download Talking Tom Cat for Android as it is free to play, and especially designed to give beautiful moments which can be shared online.


Download Talking Tom Cat for Android as it is compatible with almost all Android versions.

  1. Child mode
  2. Enables recording and sharing
  3. Highly interactive


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