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Feel the sense of fear with virtual boss! Yes let's beat with all scary games and Say hello to all new Scary Evil Manager: Horror Games escape game. Play multiple pranks to wreck the boss and make her life hell. Get ready to have fun in scary boss game, Let’s Teas your terrifying creepy boss and make her go crazy in virtual bank environment. You’ll love it at hell!

Time to be a prank master and play all bullying tricks on virtual bank scary Manager. This scary city bank manager is so irritating and teases her virtual bank staff day and night because of her aggressive attitude but don’t worry you can teach her lesson by playing your different pranks. You might have played scary haunted horror games now, Experience Scary Evil Manager: Horror Gamesby teasing her with bully boy activities. you have 10 days to Teach a lesson to your scary boss general bank manager. 

The story of this Scary Evil Manager: Horror Games revolves around how smartly you play pranks at your scary virtual manager to make her tease and yell. You have different objective to play at every level and multiple tricks 1st Pick up paper patch of "Kick me" from your desktop, Follow the footstep and enter into Meeting Room to attach this paper patch on Boss back. Go to your cabin pickup oil bottle and Throw oil at the stairs to make your angry boss fall. Go to Manager's Room Pickup the spray from the desktop Now, Spray on his photo hanging on the wall, Manager is roaming outside the cabin, complete the task otherwise she will caught you. Remember you have just 10 days in the office so you have to teach her lesson and make her life hell. Don’t get caught by your creepy virtual bank manager boss.

The spooky gameplay is all set to beat your boss. out for a meeting, Loose Boss Chair nuts and make him fall when she will sit on it. Make a print out of boss picture and write “I am crazy” on terrifying creepy Boss printout. Make fun of her portrait and Put it on Office Walls and avoid getting caught While doing this bully boy activity Beware your terrifying boss is roaming around bank hall and will caught you if she noticed your amazing bully boy missions. In the end Manager will leave his cabin to roam outside you have to Enter into boss cabin Collect your employee card from the desktop before the manager will arrive. Have fun Teas your angry boss.

Experience Scary Evil Manager: Horror Games fun filled game of 2018. You’ll definitely have fun in this Scary Boss 3D and love it's amazing missions. Let’s Download and have fun!!!

Game Features: 
- Best scary boss game to play
- Beat to angry terrifying creepy boss
- Multiple bully boy activities
- Addictive gameplay with Smooth controls
- High Quality 3D Graphics
- Interesting teasing activities

  1.  High Quality 3D Graphics
  2.  Addictive gameplay with Smooth controls


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