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A completely unprecedented visual novel game of a very popular series with over 500,000 downloads, will finally be released! The full version is 100% complementary. It’s easy and smooth and comfortable to read.
(Required time to complete: About two hours)

Having zero special skills, with just average academic performance, not standing out, with no friends… such normal me finally has friends… who are… from different tribes!?

“Kisaragi Gakuen” is just a normal high school with neither special results of college examinations nor brilliant club achievement.

“Hajime Mitsuhashi”, who is just a normal 11th grade high school student, transferred to this school. He is too normal to make any friends and even to join any club activities.

Such a normal boy somehow joined a club, though, which was… the club formed by a Demon and a Witch!!

The purpose of the club is to teach the Demon and the Witch what human society is like and help them successfully graduate from high school.

Is he going to make the Demon and the Witch graduate from high school!?


■Hajime Mitsuhashi “Whaaaaaat…!”
 11th grader. He’s not confident and a push-over.

■Isamu Onitsuka “Then I'm your friend from today!”
 12th grader. The Demon, cheerful and dynamic, being poor at studying.

■Mari Shinjo “Just tell me what you guys saw!!”
 12th grader. The Witch. Tsundere (usually cold but sometimes affectionate), according to Onitsuka.

■Inori Shiraha “I recommend that you should quit the club as of today.”
 12th grader. The President of the Student Council. She is entrusted with authority from the Principal.

★About this Visual Novel★
・It’s made, especially for smartphone users.
・It’s easy to read since the design is specialized for smartphones.
・You feel overwhelmingly immersed in the story with the smartphone-style production.
・You can come back to exactly where you were with an auto save system.

★We recommend this game for those who…★
・love visual novel games
・want to be moved
・love chat novels and chat fiction
・often read chat novels
・love Anime and Manga
・want to kill time
・want to play for free
・like games with endings

●The choice you make leads all the way to the ending of the game! It’s a “multiple choice interactive story game”!
●The full version is a 100% complementary!
●It’s easy to read with minimal ads!
●It shows a list of all endings & allows you to skip to each section!

We’re posting the latest info about our production on Twitter as well, so please follow us!

  1. love visual novel games
  2. The full version is a 100% complementary!
  3. It’s easy to read with minimal ads!


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