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Start as City bus driver, pick and drop passengers form city and get them to airport. Reach with passengers to airport. Don’t worry its not as such hectic task; passengers have no luggage with them. Just go to bus stop pick them and drop to airport. Your duty is not only to drive a bus you have to play as pilot. Reach airport, now its time to take control of airplane. Passengers will get into plane on their seats, now fly plane to destination airport. Follow the waypoints to reach next destination. Land over there safely and get the passengers to their homes. You may have experienced to fly small jet but now experience to fly jumbo airbus. 
It’s not a massive but simplest and interesting gameplay having following features. 

•Great on smartphones and tablets.
•3D airport-themed vehicles. 
•Beautifully drawn graphics and carefully crafted animations. 
•Easy for anyone to pick up and play with no instruction.
•City environments and traffic duty simulation.


  1. 3D airport-themed vehicles. 
  2. Beautifully drawn graphics and carefully crafted animations. 


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