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Love snapping! So download Snapchat for Android toenjoy quick and fantastic mobile conversation. It is an instant image sharing application that allows to take photographs and send them to friends and family members. More so, simply snap a video and insert a caption as well as send it to a closed one. After this, they will see it and laugh and then the photo disappears from screen.



There is a timer that starts as soon as you tap the message and counts down on the screen. If you are feeling adventurous then you can dive into its 'Discover' option. Only a rapid swipe delivers this feed which permits to explore snaps from a vast collection of editoral angles. Get ready to download Snapchat for Android where you can use phone number as an ID and can add friends by phone contacts or by using Facebook.



The interesting conversation happens when both friend are available and you can give full attention to each other. The utility keeps photos secure by deleting them instantly. At the end, don't be lazy and download Snapchat for Android which is a good application for sending quick snap messages to others.


Available as free then simply download Snapchat for Android which is the best way of sharing images with others.

1. Simple to use

2. Nice interface

3. Best idea of fun



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