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However, nothing could ever replace coloured pencils, paintbrushes, pad or a canvas, but it is certainly convenient to have something you can grab out on the go without having to lug all the art supplies. Thanks to touchscreen devices and amazing applications, you can get the joy of sketching and painting in the palm of your hand. This app offers a wide range of digital colour pencils, markers, pens, airbrushes etc.


Sketch, developed by one of the biggest tech giants Sony Mobile Communications, is a fun little drawing and photo editing app. This app is all you need, if you love sketching in your leisure time or for your kids. Sketch gives you an option to choose from the plethora of colours, stickers and brushes to craft a beautiful work. The application also host a Sketch Community where you can share your masterpieces so others can get inspired from it or you can just browse other people’s artwork in the gallery. Even if you have multiple devices, Sketch gives you an option to back up your artworks and sync them.



-Enhance your pictures and sketch with text and free stickers

-Build advanced sketches with layers

-Zoom to paint fine details

  • Color Picker Tool
  • Layer Control


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Sony Mobile Communications

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