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Well, in some hilarious ways, all in real time now you can modify your face with using MSQRD application. Usually, as MSQRD app applies modifications to your face, your face will move in real time in fact, unlike the other apps which can just make these modifications to still images.


Utilizing MSQRD application is as easy as pointing the camera of the device at the face of a person. This app has the capacity of recognizing the face instantly and it can replace the face with the mask have been selected by you at the bottom. All types of masks you can find there, with the inclusion of one for Obama, a monkey, a man with a big mustache, a tiger and so forth.


In an almost magical process, the masks adapt to the face. Taking pictures can be possible or even you can record short videos also from within the MSQRD application. Since your video recording is done with the mask of your preference, it can be shared by you through every social network has been installed by you.


MSQRD app has at last come to Android to expect the similar success level after crushing it on iOS, where this app has gathered almost tens of millions of downloads. Since you see the greatness of the effects, you will definitely know why.

  1. Fun app for whole family
  2. Good face swapping in new update
  3. Very smooth and well programmed


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