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This is an exclusive implement which can be utilized by individuals who want learning speaking English. Learn English comprises of almost 800 generally-utilized words, phrases, permitting users developing an authority to have communications in English. Utilizing Learn English, a quirky English speaking parrot will function together with users for practicing their listening and speaking skills, whenever and wherever they are. Learn English, a useful application, can be utilized everywhere and every time without the requirement of an internet connection. This app is best utilized by the individuals who are starting learning the English language and individuals who like to travel to English-speaking nations. Learn English is an app by which English learning has never been this convenient with no-fuss, responsive interface and smooth app navigation.


Find below the features of Learn English application:


1. Internet connection is not needed

2. Search for vocabulary and phrases by keyword

3. Manage and store your preferred phrases

4. Compare and record your pronunciation

5. Authentic pronunciation

6. Font size modification

7. Generally utilized English vocabularies and phrases


It is to be noted that every content in both categories of Basic and Travel are locked in this particular free version of the app, users can either see an ad for a free trial or pay an one-off fee for unlocking them permanently.

1. Save some words from various categories for simple access

2. Master your command of English language both on and off line

3. Advance your skills of speaking English by pronouncing common words



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