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Sleep Cycle alarm clock for Android is a smart alarm clock app that tracks your sleep cycles, records sounds, and triggers the alarm for the needed time. This is the best app for setting up quick alarms and observing your sleep movements along with the adjustment of period for labels, snoozing and tones. The app is helpful for millions of users to wake up them with the felling of relaxed and rested.


Furthermore, the app has lots of advanced features, such as CNN, the guardian, wired, BBC, the wall street journal, and the New York Times etc. It tracks your movements in the duration of sleep cycles by using the really sensitive accelerometer in the device. Sleep Cycle alarm clock also finds the best time to wake up you within a gap of 30 minute, which is ended when you set alarm.


Lots of different phases are come when you sleep, it could be light sleep to deep sleep. The app uses your phone accelerometer to track the movements and record your sleep phase, while you act differently in bed after sleeping. It only wakes you while you’re sleeping in lightest phase. After waking up, user can save the sleep phase, rate it as well as insert a note about the night or dreams.   


Overall, download Sleep Cycle alarm clock for Android, which is the world most advanced smart alarm clock that makes easy to wake up on time.

  1. Intelligent alarm clock
  2. Records sound and tracks movements
  3. Uses graphs to display sleep phase
  4. Tips for sleeping


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