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One of the best fitness apps by FitnessKeeper, Inc., Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk app is an application which uses GPS for tracking your walking, hiking, running and cycling routes.


With the help of Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk application, now you can easily track all of your fitness activities. You can view details of your distance, pace and time, get your coaching, listen to the stats through your headsets, and hear your success, calculate your heart rate, listing to your music, take your pictures with your route and finally share them to different social media platforms.


Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk app likewise allows you for measuring your progress against your goals and targets, notifies you while you hit new milestones and private records, helps you see your progress with the help of detailed information, and provides you detailed arrangements for helping you achieve your targets.


Any activity performed by you later may be turned into a route for your utilization. Now even a blind man can run with the help of this app and he does not need any more guides. For instance, Simon Wheatcroft, the blind ultra-marathon runner also inspired us by using this app. He managed to run a mile using Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk, which gave him audio feedback on pace and distance.


So, now blindness also can’t stop you to run if you are using Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk.

1. Live tracking

2. Helps maintain motivation

3. No guide is required even for a blind man



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