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Great fan of book reading? If so, then browse your favorite books and read them carefully through this software. Download Ebook Reader for Android, the source of eBook.com's lets you to read your favorite books smartly. Choose your desired one's from wide range of collections that you can download on jiffy.

Download Ebook Reader for Android with support of Epub3 format by sorting from millions of books from business, science, medicine, history, religion and many more categories. Read books with same feel as normal, turn pages with swipe or tap them. With feature of online support, start reading from where you left.


Download Ebook Reader for Android, comes with lot of extra functions such as zoom, portrait orientation and lockable landscape. To start, login from ebook account and mange your own bookshelf, so that you can pick and read the book from any device.


Download Ebook Reader for Android, and enjoy all its adventures with nice and clean interface. Adjust clarity, zoom and font size according to your comfort. Overall, this is an ultimate app of book reading for different people in different moods.


Users' can download this app at free of cost, compatible with almost all latest versions of Android

1. Easy to operate
2. Lots of features
3. Well intended effective bookshelf



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