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 How to download and Install Android apps?

As users are redirected to download this app from Google Play through web connection of the device, there is no need to connect your device to the PC. The app will begin downloading once the device has a trong Wi-Fi or mobile data (3G/4G) connection

1. Touch Install or the app’s price 
2. Touch Accept after reviewing the app's permissions


How to uninstall an app you downloaded?

With the help of a device’s settings menu

The given steps can be followed to uninstall an app that is already installed on your device or tab via Google Play:-

1. Go to the device's Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (it will vary as per the device).
2. Touch the app needed to uninstall.
3. Choose Uninstall.

In case if the uninstall button is not visible or only the uninstall updates button is visible, in that case, the chosen app won’t be deleted from the device in permanent way. Such an app would be similar to a system app that can’t be uninstalled.

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