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Software and apps are designed to help users explore the world in own unique ways. In fact, they use the latest technologies to complement the day-to-day lives of users. So, do users really benefit from these programs or software in the intended way?  

No, because virus and malware are so prevalent on the internet that they restrict the usages and access of those well-intentioned software and apps.  The highly unsafe internet stops anyone from fully leveraging on the potential of the latest technological offerings.

What is the solution then? How should users be benefitted without infecting their system with risky and unwanted guests?

Aptaps brings the solution - a fast-growing software platform that allows accessing and exploration of programs and apps for different devices and operating systems. It’s an ideal destination for high quality software, apps and games that are 100% safe and secure.


What we do?

Aptaps allows access and downloading of latest software, games and apps from across the globe. Our platform has a vast directory of latest version software, apps and games for all devices and operating systems. 

We bring to users updated versions of products and programs to enrich their day-to-day lives. Software listed on Aptaps download portal are accompanied with expert reviews and perspectives to help in selection and usages. 


What makes us unique?

We only provide a quality resource to users and that makes our reliability and popularity soar among users. Our platform never lists harmful software, and if we list, it comes with correct info to warn and caution users.  

More so, our directory never follows the search engine in terms of listing, as we list what we find suitable and helpful for users, not and never on the basis of search engine listing.   

Virus and malware testing of software is our forte, and we ensure to only provide high quality products to users.


Our mission 

We aim to enrich users by giving them access to safe, trusted and high quality software. We strive to add value to users’ daily lives with our virus-free and secure downloading of software, apps and games.



  • Quality software - 100% virus and spyware free   
  • Speedy downloads via servers with 100Mb connections
  • Faster browsing due to optimized pages 
  • Regular version updates to all software
  • RSS feeds for all updates
  • No pop-ups