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GPS Tracker is a location tracker app which enables you to retrace the location of your biking, running and hiking. It helps you to record the GPS log of your movements. The app also displays speeds, distance, and even elevation changes. If you have data, its map tab displays your location on the map; and if you don’t place any data or information, a grid-based view is present here.


It also shows the profiles of elevation. It also enables you to disable your data usage from the options page, thus you can track your movements in different areas where you want to avoid data charges. Its dark and light themes shows your visual preference; and the map is configured in between three different modes, such as cycle, default, and outdoor.


In addition, GPS tracker also enables you to tag your activities, thus it makes easy to go back and look trace for past movements. The track list also has the capability to monitor thousands of tracks and display them. Its track filter enables you to quickly find out the track by filtering on both tags and names.  There are a multiple range of configuration options are available to configure Retrace which is accurate for you.


Overall, download GPS Tracker Retrace for BlackBerry, which enables you to track the locations of your activities.

  1. Quickly tracks your activity
  2. Interactive tracking
  3. Accurate data


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