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When you put your phone into the pocket and it dials a phone number or sends a message automatically. This is due to when your screen receives false touch events. With PocketSafe, never get uncomfortable anymore. It also stops false touch incidents when you’re using your phone. PocketSafe also gives you the full protection to store your private data.


Furthermore, PocketSafe for BlackBerry is a simple password manager that offers you the easy management and secure storage of passwords, credit card, nicknames, document information and bank account as well as extra confidential data. It has password-protected and encrypted records in the database.  It also allows you to secure private data by using various ways, such as by making template for each data entry along with the password-protected and strong DES encryption algorithm.


With this app, you can store your information in various files. Its handy structure makes you to safe from your colleagues, employees, spouse or kids. It comes with customizable interface and various advanced features make this easy to use and more user-friendly. In addition, its Battery Saving Mode also enables you to save your battery life, when it goes for drain.


Overall, download PocketSafe for BlackBerry, which is the most reliable app that provides you the full protection to store your private data.

  1. Easy to use and user-friendly
  2. Easy installation
  3. Uses DES encryption algorithm


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