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In this modern world, the new technologies are coming day to day in the market and no doubt our whole life is amassed in different accounts or on the system hard drive. And here, nothing is safe without security! So, we all need a complete solution in our hands to make the live safe and secure. Download Password Keeper for BlackBerry - a free password manager is used to keep logins, passwords and other information safe and secure.


Download Password Keeper for BlackBerry designed to store all information in a single position for easy access and reference. Device information or password in this password manager will get encrypted and protected with a single user-determined password. Users can also import the app's data from an antecedent BlackBerry device.


In most cases of broken password, performed by the hacker, victim’s password is guessed because most of us are still either using single password for each account. To get rid of this tradition, download Password Keeper for BlackBerry features a password generator which makes it easy to come up with strong and crazy passwords.


Download Password Keeper for BlackBerry at free exists with BlackBerry Z10 and above

  1. Users can also import information from previous device
  2. Whole information can be encrypted by using AES 256
  3. Also comprises of random password generator


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