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BlackBerry Calculator is a convenient app that comes with a variety of calculator. This is a multi-functional calculator app designed to calculate a number of scientific and mathematical calculations. The app provides a reliable solution for both basic and complex mathematical problems. To access its more advance features and expressions, just swipe it left or right.


So never get worried during calculations, simply install this app and play with complex expression and functions. In addition, BlackBerry Calculator comes with a tip calculator function, which is helpful for calculating the every person owes when you divide the costs of a meal in between them. It also enables you to calculate the tip section, as well as everyone's the portion of the whole bill.


Furthermore, its handy unit converter is provides a useful way to transfer values from one measurement unit to another. It includes various types of measurement categories, such as temperature, volume, pressure, length and many more. The app has very neat and clean interface with smooth graphics and custom layouts. As per your need, simply select an operation, and get results on your fingertips.


Overall, download BlackBerry Calculator app that is a wonderful calculator for all types of users whether they are student, professional or un-professional people.

  1. Simple to use
  2. Easily solves large calculations
  3. Neat and clean user interface
  4. Includes measurement units


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