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Screen Recorder is a free, easy to use and most reliable app, which lets you to build most beautiful screen-cast videos by offering all features that are needed to design within a simple and elegant user experience. The main objective of this is capture the best screen shots that makes satisfied for everyone but if you support for pro version or want to upgrade them, buy the pro version with its unique features which can’t be found on another screen recorder in the market.


In addition, Screen Recorder is the best video recording application to capture or record the scene of MP4 movie along with the option to hide the microphone for recording audio. With this, you can do anything which you want, it may be launch of the application, play a game, and move one Home Screen page to another. This is a simple and easy to use app.


To start the recording, only press the Record button to start recording. And if you want to stop them, then click on the Stop button. The app also enables you to press and hold the volume key up and down to start and stop the recording. The Screen Recorder app gives you perfect options to skip recording from the screen and makes the best videos. One thing is that, the app should not be used for illegal purposes; it will be against the law.


Overall, download Screen Recorder for Blackberry is a perfect tool for reviewers and bloggers to easily and quickly make videos of the application, as well as ideal tool for educational purpose.

  1. Best recording app
  2. Enable or Disable LED Light or Vibration
  3. Use Media Key for recording  
  4. Custom based video Output Path


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