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Kingdoms & Lords by Gameloft is a fun game which combines the world of simulation, strategy and turn-based battle gaming.


If you like the games like Castle Clash and Clash of Clans, then you will surely like Kingdoms & Lords too. The mission of the game is actually protecting your village from the evil invaders’ attack. By attacking your enemy and by fortifying your kingdom with stables, soldiers, barracks etc. in a simulation style of town-building mode, you can achieve this.


In Kingdoms & Lords, the turn-based battles are fun playing, if not really original. You should choose the types of warrior for sending in and accordingly use their skills.


However, in Kingdoms & Lords, buildings, soldiers and magic portions and the like don’t come for free. 3 types of in-game currency are there, and some of those can be built up with real cash if you want keeping playing at a consistent pace.


In Kingdoms & Lords, both the battle and strategy modes are quite easy to play, specifically if you have played before this type of game. You need to be very precise while tapping because of small size of all icons and buttons.


However, Kingdoms & Lords is a colorful and bright game to play although the graphics are better in the iOS version of the game. The games really feels alive fro, the realistic buildings in the town to the battle sequences’ fun effects.


So, download this today at Blackberry app store, and experience the fun and excitement of this battle game.

1. Helpful tutorials

2. Fun mix of types of game play

3. Colorful and bright graphics



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