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Zombie Attack is a free and amazing game for Blackberry phone devices; the main goal in this game is to hit the entire zombie crowd by using the complete weapons which available in the game. In this game, you will initiate objects with a catapult to damage zombies and building. Just use nuclear bomb to let you clear any level but this is used only once within one hour.


Furthermore, Zombie Attack includes 250 levels which give you a lot of bash for your free buck. Simply use various types of weapon to find out all the zombies and save your intelligence. All the available weapons are fireballs, rocks, grenades and sure that you use all of them for the right timing, thus you can the entire zombies completely and move on to the next level.


To get the more avid zombie hunter which is truly wishes to detect those undead hordes to flutter in danger, you can also pay a onetime fee of $.99 to obtain access to nuclear bombs that can destroy any level and the entire irritating zombies. There is only need to buy the nuclear bomb at once. In the game, there are currently available 100 levels to play and more are under creation for extra zombie destruction!


Overall, download Zombie Attack for BlackBerry devices, which is a free game app for enjoying a nice and amazing game play.

  1. A free game
  2. Available 100 levels to play
  3. Intuitive interface


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