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Subway Skates is a thrilling running game for all the skate lovers all around in the world. With this game play, feel the real fun of skating. This is a full-on entertaining game which belongs to a die- hard subway skater. A fast-paced endless running game for BlackBerry Phone, which has main objective to collect the entire coins on subway track while the player running on his skateboard.


You need to help the player to reach their destination along with watching out for the running trains and traffic. The game allows you to select from three different characters - Beginner, Amature and Professional. To unlock Amature and Professional, you need to collect he coins more than 25,000. Its colorful 3D graphics, a nice soundtrack, and fluid animations are some of the features included.


In this game, you can also choose the subway and traffic, like as Freeway or Deadly Subway as well as City Traffic or Crazy Traffic. It comes with various exciting levels and some are under construction, which can be included very soon. So time to enjoy with your skateboard on the subway! Best of Luck!


Overall, download Subway Skates for BlackBerry that is very simple and interesting gameplay – just you'll get hooked at first.

  1. Many interesting levels
  2. Easy and simple gameplay
  3. 3D graphics


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