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Car Rush is a free and simple racing game, which enables you to drive your car through the empty or busy rural area where you need to avoid traffic and a lot of animals flocks, as well as collect numerous golden cogs as possible as. The game has quite simple objective, just drive car for as long as possible, as well as avoid the crash and gain a lot of golden cogs.


While its sound is good enough, this looks like that the rural area you're racing over the heavily populated and a lot of traffic is here than needs to be avoiding them if you want to be your car in the best conditions. Furthermore, a lot of farm animals are also present on the road; they don’t comprise even the minimum intention of moving out from the way of your car.


In addition, the traffic contains many vehicles on the road, which are most of time move from one side to the other randomly. This might not be a difficulty but hitting them can destroy your car and break it eventually ending your run. Even so, if you hit sheep flocks and chickens continuously, then the villagers will get irritated and begin chasing you to damage your car. For running away their anger, you'll need to push the pedal to the metal and run them.


Overall, download Car Rush free for Blackberry, which is a fun and challenging arcade game to drive your car as long as possible by dodging the entire obstacles

  1. Fun and racing game
  2. Nice interface with smooth graphics


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