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If Action is the word that excites you then immediately download Zombie Derby. Real action lovers like two things guns and cars, and both are found in this game. A killer game whose aim is to kill stinking Zombie before they get you.


Download zombie derby free of cost all you need is good control on your car and then get started. Fetch the ugly zombie and kill them otherwise they will kill you. Gamer is provided with six cars to reach to its final destination which is a fort. In the start gamer is provided with an old jalopy, and as the gamer progresses one can upgrade his/her car with the points earned.


Gamer has five vast levels to explore in zombie derby. In the process of conquering the zombie, gamer earns coins. These coins can be used to upgrade your vehicles with better tires and engines, larger nitro and fuel tanks, battering ram/spiked bumpers and guns also.


Download free zombie derby has 3D graphics, which makes it more interesting.  Escaping from Zombie is not that easy, gamer should has his brain fully intact. Good combination of brains and hands is required to win this killer game.

  1. Variety of cars
  2. Five different levels
  3. 3D graphics
  4. Gameplay is addictive


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