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Now you can be the latest witness of the dying city. In fact, you can become the first ever hope of dying humanity also. In this first person shooting game Call of Dead, you can now prevail, shoot and kill by defending your trenches.


Call of Dead managed draining all of enthusiasm of the players in only a few short moments. The features of this game app are as follows:

  • Experience dramatic storylines twists
  • Defend your trenches and develop through the city
  • Many bullets which want hugging your rivals
  • Millions of aliens with combined sentiments towards you
  • Crazy aliens for killing
  • Beautiful ambiance of ruined city for dying in
  • Become a hero in an alien invasion’s middle
  • Epic campaign in a ruined city


The action game Call of Dead portrays the feeling of an invasion single handed-hopeless, immobile and equipped in the death’s face. However, the players don’t want these things from an action game.


As your commando spins in circles, sprays ammo in every directions and roots to the spot like a turret, you can finally switch your phone off.


Download Call of Dead from the Blackberry App world store, and install it for totally free and enjoy this Combat 3D game on your mobile.

1. Mechanically perfect

2. Modern military appearance

3. Fine graphics



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