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    Get the complete experiences of Bible in 700 languages!!

Let's download Bible for BlackBerry for people who want to read, watch and share Bible using this completely free app. Compatible with 170 million devices around the world, people are reading and listening using Bible App. Get the app and customize your reading experience whenever you're connected to app, or specific versions offline use. 


Download Bible for BlackBerry and get the specific version to the holy book offline. Browse your closest friends, share honest conversations and community of people to whom you know and trust. Learn along best themes and see what they're discovering and grasp the things the holy Bible says!!


Evenmore, you can access the book even when you are offline and read hundred's of quotes and more upto 700 languages. Users can read, as well as listen the audio strings of Bible while doing your ordinary tasks. Overall, Bible is an app designed for mobile phones to represent the complete holy book Bible.

Download Bible for BlackBerry at free of cost

  1. Easy to read, large sized font
  2. Audio clips are available
  3. Compatible with offline


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