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  • Hacker Theme
    Awesome and completely usable theme for your Blackberry devices

Hacker Theme comes with the Wallpaper animation theme for your home screen. The icon is mainly used for sliding dock in OS 5 and 6. It has the availability of the various types of themes such as logo animation, bright wallpaper along with the green background, custom message with the list icon as well as unread message wallpaper. It also provides custom wallpaper on media player on OS 6 and 7.


Its signal and battery indicator customized with green background. The OS 5 is not supportable for the custom media player. Yet, its OS 7 version of the theme comes with open and sliding trays along with wallpaper animation. There are lots of features (like as calling background and sliding dock), which are not included in OS 7 version smartphone, because the evolution of constraints for OS 7 devices has not been released yet.


After successfully downloading the theme, simply launch them and navigate the options to choose the specified theme to activate them. If you want to uninstall the theme, simply delete them from your application list. For OS 7 users, after installation of theme just restart your device to work with this perfectly.  Adjust all applications or icons to the home screen.


Overall, download Hacker Theme for BlackBerry, which provides you the most amazing wallpaper theme for your smartphone.

  1. Animated wallpaper
  2. Adjust icons using Sliding dock
  3. Customized Battery and signal indicator


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