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You possibly many times suffered from your phone’s charging problem. Maybe you got your phone running out at the prime moments of photo or video shooting. Or, maybe you found your phone extremely hot, or it didn’t have enough storage space for more files. These all issues basically let your phone freeze and lag while you play games.


In order to get rid of these issues, you really require something like Smart Cleaner – optimize, boost for enhancing your phone’s performance now.


Smart Cleaner – optimize, boost is the world’s best storage booster, speed booster, free file transfer and temperature app for your mobile. So, you can download it for boosting speed, cooling temperature, cleaning cache, saving battery and keeping your mobile secure, clean and fast.


The prime highlights of Smart Cleaner – optimize, boost are as follows:

  • Easy-to-use: Helps get rid of slow speed, insufficient storage space, and lagging.
  • Strong: Frees up storage and boosts performance. Saves energy by 30% and boosts speed by 50%.
  • Permanently free: Just share a link for using the premium function for totally free.


Smart Cleaner – optimize, boost helps users clean junk files, boosts speed, saves energy, and cools down device’s temperature. With its powerful booster, Smart Cleaner enhances the device’s functionality and brings an amazing and exclusive user experience.

1. Excellent cleaner and booster app

2. Optimizes user experience



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