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 And, when you need more fresh music, you’ve got music free from you with custom-tailored stations based on your own music preferences.

Music Player Free all feature in iMusic OS 11 is free forever. You can add song to music player free everywhere you like. You play music, edit album, create playlist in iMusic easily. You control everything in the music player os 11.

Wondering what makes these music apps stand out? Well, it's the ability to let you control music and enliven music experience with the handy features that make them special. Let's find out! Turn on imusic 11 you can see it awesome. 

iMusic OS 11: is easily one of the best music players for anybody because it is easily use. With the highly user-friendly UI, it makes exceptionally easy to control music. Thanks to cool gestures, it lets you fine tune your music with optimum convenience.

3D Touch Support you have a android phone and you have not phone 8, you want your phone have 3D touch, now you have it. You can experience 3D touch on the phone android with iMusic free.

EQ Equalization you can custom equalization in music player free. Listen music as jazz, dance, pop, country, electric, rock etc or custom your EQ.

Search Music Song Easy Easy search music folow song, folow artist, album etc. If all you want out of your music app is to find music and start listening to it, iMusic Phone 8 is your app. A simple navigation stack lets you drill down from artist, to album, to song. For artists with only one album in your library, Cesium will smartly skip the album view and just take you right to the album.

Create playlist music Create music playlist easy and add song or delete song never been so easy.

Whatever your specific music listening needs are, there’s probably an app to serve them. For most casual music fans, IMUSIC app, especially with the UI tweaks in OS 11, will serve them well.
Thank for using app.


  1. Add music, remove song, edit song.
  2. Play next, play later in imusic
  3. Share Song or album, playlist music
  4. Get all song and play
  5. Sort song, album, playlist


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