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Having trouble with sounds of your Android? And, searching an app to recover that? We have an option for you. Download Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android with the first true global equalizer, Bass Booster to let your sounds never act before.


Download Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android lets you to set sound effect levels so that you can listen best music audio coming out of your phone. The app has volume slider filled with live music stereo LED VU meter and five band equalizer with bass booster effects.


Download Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android, works with most of audio and video player. Users can set the audio levels by adjusting sound level and frequency from settings. For more results, put headphones for best results. Overall, it's an app to provide best audio quality and sounds perfectly.


Download Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android at free of cost, requires Android 2.3 and up

  1. First true global equalizer
  2. Five band equalizer
  3. Provides best audio quality than ever


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