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Gameloft has received a new strategy game which will make you almost running for your life and screaming; however, not literally, but deep inside, as you play Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival. This is another zombie-themed game which will have you attempting for fighting and surviving hell on the earth. This survival game is going to have the undead arriving after you as really, which is all they know for doing.


Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival is an online strategy survival game that will challenge you for searching for the final humans and standing among them. You are carrying on the war against the end of the earth but when you are still alive, why not explore the city and simply make the most of your life.


This is one crazy world but there is nothing you can do presently instead of defending your camp by building defences. Zombies will attack your place so when you are not collecting survivors, protect your camp in the devastation and take all from Tesla towers to Flamethrowers to Watchtowers.


Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival is an online PvP game which will enable the players from throughout the world for playing and competing against the zombies. You are free to build your own army, so you can combat against other strangers – players – from other parts of the world. Just climb up the leaderboard and attempt for wiping out all the living dead.

1. Lots of features

2. Nice graphics

3. Busy online community



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