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Plunder Pirates is a free and strategy RPG game, which allows the player to make an island, gather a personal crew, as well as make or join a company to conquer the seas. In the battle, sends your pirates against rival players and other Captions. After that, plunder their booty to finance your adventures. So, get ready to protect your island because this is tries for revenge.


This multiplayer game spreads over the unfamiliar seas. Simply put up your island bastion, prepared with lots of guns, as well as collect your own personal crew, and prepared with lots of grog. Your fearless pirates are prepared for a fight always, thus turn them on the other player’s islands, and clutch their gold. This is the best time to have with your friends.


Just connect you with a group or make your own and defeat the seas mutually. You can share your unique advantage with your group mates and prepare a plan for the next chat in the group chat. The game comes with a unique graphics and real-time processing to build the definitive plan for stores of your stuff with gold and frustrate the strategy of upcoming attackers.


Overall, download Plunder Pirates for Android, which is a free mobile strategy game on the high seas.

  1. Makes an epic 3D island
  2. Battles with rival Captains
  3. Multiplayer game


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