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Are you a fan of Star Wars saga? Then relive the joy with the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an RPG with a turn-based combat system where you get the opportunity to collect the great iconic characters from the Star Wars saga. Create an ultimate group that includes those heroes and defeat the enemies around the galaxy.


The more missions you complete and the more hurdles you overcome, the more powerful characters you can get. Playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is quite simple. Just wait for your turn, and when it comes select your enemy to attack and what kind of attack you want to make with that character. Depending on what kind of hero the character is, each one  has the ability to do one normal and one special attack. Between the fight, you can visit the cantina which is the base of your entire operation. There you can find all the heroes you have unlocked, buy more characters, improve the characters you already have, buy weapons etc.

This is certainly a great game for Android.  It is not only fun-filled and exciting but also visually stunning and adrenaline booster. So download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes today for your Android device, make ultimate war strategy, collect heroes and conquer.

  1. Great graphics
  2. Music is awesome
  3. Easy to control
  4. You have the chance of playing in legendary locations
  5. Lots of great heroes


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