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Are you an adventure lover? Want to cherish the ultimate legendary adventurous game? Then use your Android device to get the amazement of the ultimate puzzle adventure of Legendary: Game of Heroes. This game is considered as one of the best puzzle adventure game where you will find the epic heroes and by battling with your friends, you will have an addictive experience of puzzle adventure. You must be very excited to know more about this game. Just read on:


Legendary: Game of Heroes is considered as the most fun, addictive and deep puzzle adventure game. This game will take you to the fantasy world of Korelis and gather the ultimate team of the legendary heroes. You will even become a legendary while playing this game. The simple steps of most strategic and mesmeric puzzle RPG game include battle, collect and evolve in the puzzle.


Features of the Legendary: Game of Heroes are as follows:

- A unique, mesmeric, magical, fun and powerful match game

- Hundreds of excellent characters for collecting and evolving

- Find, grow and unleash powerful skills

- Battle with friends and share your prizes

- Join a guild for participating in guild events, awaken the epic heroes and get valuable gifts

- Chat with your guild mates and design the ways of ruling guild leaderboard

- Make teams for growing the optimal strategy

- New adventures wait with constant updates

- Open packs for winning unique, super unique and legendary heroes

- Collect all of them for unlocking the secrets and story of Korelis

- Crack the missions and finally, earn some special quest rewards

- Great graphics bring the Korelis’ world to life


So, it’s time to start your adventure and be a legendary! Download Legendary: Game of Heroes today from Aptaps.

1. Fun and super addictive puzzle game

2. Awesome sound, great graphics

3. Magical epic characters and kids can play the game



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