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Real Drift Racing: Road Racer is a superb latest car racing game developed by Magnat Mobile. Join this excellent drag racing, get into the speed car and get the motor to go. If you enter this game zone, you will feel the best speed of car racing. If you prefer turbo car racing game, then Real Drift Racing: Road Racer is the perfect option for you.


The top benefits of playing Real Drift Racing: Road Racer are:

- You can customise your car with a large range of interior trims, brake callipers, rims and paint simply like a real car. You need to collect gold coins for customising your car.

- There are 2 operation modes: Touch control (tap buttons for controlling direction which is more classic), and G-sense (tilt device for controlling direction which is more convenient).

- Don’t forget to sign in daily; you’ll get a great surprise. Besides gold coin, you’ll also gain fine supercars and diamond.

- Real Drift Racing: Road Racer will definitely create a superb visual experience for you. Be it Sydney, Tokyo or New York, you’ll encounter the various style of scenery alongside the racing.

- There are 4 different modes: Time Trail, 1 VS 1, Elimination Mode and Classic Mode. Select any mode you prefer to show your skill. Just believe that you can win the game in every mode you select.


Playing this excellent racing game, you’ll feel the best endless game in your city. You just need to remember the time while playing the game. So, download Real Drift Racing: Road Racer game on your Android device now to encounter the best HD car racing game.

1. Rich selection of game props

2. Super-charged action packed car racing simulator

3. Lots of scenario and tracks to select from

4. 3D new-gen graphics



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