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Want to perform crazy nitro drifts with amazing racing cars? Then download Illegal Asphalt Traffic 2016 game on your Android device. Playing this game will give you an experience of high adrenaline, excitement and entertainment as well. So, just push the acceleration and test your as well as your car’s limits on highways and suburb roads racing via Illegal Asphalt Racing 2016 game.


You can play Illegal Asphalt Traffic 2016 game in your spare time in order to face a super competition. Just finish the level-4 events, defeat the team and then you will be capable of ruling the city. Simply beat the captains of all the teams and let them shut up with achievement as the leader of the city. After rushing your engine to the limits, feel the style of simulator driving. And don’t forget that parking is not allowed, at least while you want to experience the simulation.


Use the gained cash for upgrading your car so you can race even faster and better. Your skills and choices are the only limit. So, become the best professional of illegal street racing in the world.


Tips on playing Illegal Asphalt Traffic 2016 are:

- Driving in opposite direction in 2-way mode provides additional cash and score.

- While driving more than 100km/hour, overtake cars closely for getting cash and bonus scores.

- The faster you drive the more scores you receive.

1. Fun game

2. Superb driving experience



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